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Colostrum and Athletic Performance: A Winning Combination for Recovery and Strength

Colostrum and Athletic Performance: A Winning Combination for Recovery and Strength

What if I told you that there were supplements specifically for athletes that could help enhance athletic performance? Look no further than bovine colostrum and probiotics: two substances jam packed with nutrients and therapeutic properties that can support your athletic endeavors. Interested in learning more? Let’s dive into the widespread benefits these two ingredients can offer for physical performance! 

Colostrum for athletes

Bovine colostrum is the milk that cows produce within the first few days after giving birth. It may seem strange at first to use this substance in humans, but it actually has a wide array of health benefits related to immunity, digestion, athletic performance, and recovery. This is all thanks to the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins packed within this magical supplement.

Within the last 25 years, there has been growing interest in using bovine colostrum to supplement sports nutrition. Research suggests that bovine colostrum can support body composition and strength, endurance, and immunity, all of which contribute to enhanced athletic performance (1). Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well let’s take a look at some of the data supporting these claims.

Body composition

If you’re looking to jumpstart those gains at the gym, look no further than colostrum! Certain studies have found that people taking colostrum while doing resistance training and weightlifting had better outcomes than those that didn’t take colostrum. People taking colostrum were able to increase muscle mass and strength while losing body fat in some studies (2).

Experts think that colostrum’s benefits on body composition may be contributed to its calcium content. Calcium helps our bodies regulate fat. Thus, it can support fat loss and prevent fat gain in people eating more calories, like athletes!

High-intensity exercise

We all know that overwhelming feeling of tiredness after completing a high-intensity workout. Fatigue can make it difficult to continue performing at our absolute best, so how can we combat it?

Fatigue after high-intensity exercise can be contributed to a process known as metabolic acidosis. This process is characterized by the buildup of acid byproducts that are released while working out. Bovine colostrum can actually help to neutralize or buffer the acid buildup, thereby increasing your energy in the process (1)!

To test this theory, one study analyzed how colostrum affected rowers in a nine-week training program. It found that bovine colostrum helped to buffer out those acids better than placebo. Another study showed that colostrum decreased inflammation, decreased muscle damage, and increased recovery in soccer players (3).


Some other cool studies also show that colostrum supplements can help athletes bounce back quicker in their respective sport. One study gave subjects either colostrum or placebo while doing some pretty intense running workouts three times a week. By the end of the study, the group taking colostrum had run longer distances on the treadmill (4)! Pretty awesome, right?

Other research found that colostrum prevented drops in cyclist performance and even improved endurance in others (5,6). Thus, we can see that colostrum could be a helpful addition to our training routines, especially when we’re pushing ourselves to our limits. It can help give you that extra boost you need!

Infection prevention

Ever had a nasty respiratory infection that prevents you from performing at your best? Upper respiratory infections are some of the most common types of infections in athletes (7). In fact, they reach huge highs during the summer and winter Olympic games (8). This is because long and intense workouts can impair your immune system temporarily, making you more susceptible to getting sick.

Infection can certainly affect your athletic performance! The good news is bovine colostrum can support your immune system. It can actually lower your risk of getting a respiratory infection, thus allowing you to optimize your training and performance (1)!

Probiotics strains for mood

Though bovine colostrum alone can improve your athletic abilities, have you ever thought about also adding in a probiotic? It’s well known that probiotics can support the health and wellness of our gut. But a flourishing gut microbiome can extend far beyond just the stomach. It actually affects our brains!

By helping our gut, probiotics can also help to elevate mood. In one study, students taking probiotic strains for mood support actually demonstrated lower stress levels and improved psychological symptoms (9). Could these same results apply to athletes? My guess is yes!

Athletes are constantly being put in high-stress situations, both physically and mentally. Relieving these stressors and improving mood during training could certainly improve performance. Likewise, probiotic supplements for athletes could be a major game changer!

Moogi Bovine Colostrum and DE111 Probiotic

What if you could combine the power of colostrum and probiotics for maximal performance? The good news is that you can! Taking Moogi Colostrum and DE111 probiotic together provide a synergistic effect, meaning their effects are amplified when used together.

DE111 supports physical recovery by optimizing how our bodies use protein and grow muscles. In conjunction, bovine colostrum enhances exercise performance, lowers recovery time, and reduces your risk of upper respiratory tract infections. In combination, these two powerful supplements enhance your physical abilities, making you a better athlete with each use!